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Simplicity defines our Payroll Module. Transmit time and attendance, perform calculations as you go and receive a set of customizable reports to monitor payroll in real time. When accuracy is critical, our robust tax engine handles time-consuming tasks, offers automated multistate and reciprocity calculations and our local tax jurisdiction locator suggests applicable taxes. Simplify even more by empowering employees to access their payroll information 24/7 and update their direct deposit and tax information via a secure portal.

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Module Highlights

Dedicated Partner
Support Person
Online Payroll
Direct Deposit &
Paystub Printing
Tax Management
Robust Exportable
Employee & Manager
New Hire

Dedicated Partner Support Person

Access a direct payroll professional for all of your payroll questions.

Access a direct payroll professional for all of your payroll questions.

Online Payroll Processing

No preprocessing steps are needed in order to preview pay statements for employees prior to finalization.

Direct Deposit & Paystub Printing

Employees can change their direct deposits and print any pay stub produced.

Tax Management

Built in geospatial tax identification provides accurate coordinates of a work address for effective tax preparation.

Robust, exportable reporting

Choose from a wide range of export options, including CSV, Excel, PDF and XML.

Employee Self Service

Receive your pay statement notification for a quick and easy export from your secure portal.

New Hire Reporting

Let us handle the administration of new hire reporting requirements for Personal Responsibility Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) compliance.

Reduce employment liability and save administration time!

Garnishment Processing

Let us take care of any employee tax liens and send them directly to the appropriate taxing authority.

Reduce employment liability and save administration time!


We have a relentless commitment to quality and stand behind our technology system and the security it provides. We take great pride in anticipating, listening and responding to the personalized needs of our partners.
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